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Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy aims to maximize quality of life through a range of treatment techniques designed to restore movement and function within the body. It aims to help individuals develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability. Typical treatment consists of modalities (such as ultrasound or laser) and exercise and stretching. Physical Therapy is used to treat muscle, joint and various neurological conditions.

At Florida Neuro Pain and Spine Center your are evaluated and treated by a licensed Doctor of Physical therapy.  We believe physical therapy plays an important role in helping and restoring strength, endurance, movement and physical abilities to our clients who have been affected by an injury, disability or disease.

Many patients wait until they are incapacitated by severe pain before they seek physical therapy treatment. However physical therapy can be beneficial at the first sign of a problem and can stop a minor issue developing into a major problem which leaves you unable to carry out normal daily activities work and sport.

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